The honor is mine to have you as my reader, commentator and friend .

I’m the author of haunting in peace along with other titles coming soon.

I’am a father of one girl and two boys. A husband to my lovely wife Krystal Su and still remain to be a soldier.

Just wanted to market myself a bit. Some get a little aggetated at me for not giving myself credit so here I go. My professional profile can be viewed at

Army: I have been in the Army for the last 14 years now. My background is in Logistics and love it. Logistics was my life but now, I’ve decided to learn different paths in order to help myself grow in this economy. I have very strong management skills and Leadership skills. Yes, there’s a difference. I will explain more in a bit. For the past 4 years I have decided to teach in the Army and have been quit successful in it. Never have I imagined myself as an instructor of any class. Because of my strong leadership/management skills I was able to pull this off. Bogs my mind even till this day but if you put your mind to do anything, you can accomplish it; trust me!

Army Civilian: I’m also an Army department of defense employee. Also in Logistics but slightly different from my upbringing in the Regular Army. Now, I deal with BlackHawk helicopters and the maintenance of them. The logistics process there is pretty challenging which is why I’m still there. I love challenges and take them when I can. Budgets, inventory, shipping/receiving, turn ins, ordering through normal channels and ordering with a credit card. It becomes a bit overwhelming at times but I seem to deal with it just fine for the most part. I’m talking about millions of dollars a year, there’s times I feel I’m running a retail store by myself.

Writer: Yes, I’m a writer and for some reason I always leave this out of my BIO. Not intentionally but I’m still in the crawling phases of my writing career so I seem to forget to mention it. I’m working on 3 books at this moment and have published 1 as a test. So, I’m a published author. The book is called “Haunting In Peace” which is available on amazon, barnes n noble, and kindle.

Blogger: In order for me to enhance in my writing career I’ve decided to become a blogger. A previous instructor of mine encouraged me to do this and so there I’am . Pretty impressed by the outcome of things with my writing. So far, I’ve had over 650 readers since December, 200 subscribers and also have a facebook page in which I’ve generated 160 likes since early January. Here are the links: and

Hope you enjoy!

That’s a wrap for me, there’s my BIO. 🙂