Why aren’t we still in Iraq?

This question can have many answers, point of views and arguments. The fact of the matter is we can all agree that we share the same view on this situation; we never belonged in Iraq to begin with.

In 2003 I deployed to Iraq to fight a war on terror, capture Saddam and rebuild the country. Entering Iraq was very frightening and did not know what was expected at any given moment. I remember stopping in an open field, dark and only had our night vision goggles for seeing through the night for security. The only thought running through my mind was that I didn’t want to die today. You can see tracers fill the sky as others are being engaged by Taliban. Can’t say I slept that night or any night for the matter for the next two weeks. The matter here is that the enemies we fought in Iraq in 2003 are no less than what you’re seeing in the news today. We’re you aware that Iraq is currently being over-run by al-Qaeda?

From the time the Iraq war ended until just a few years ago we trained Iraqi soldiers, police officers, equipped them with our own equipment, uniforms, and weapons. We also rebuilt their schools, police stations, bases and helped local contractors with jobs. Although I was opposed to the war in the beginning, I began to see the light of things as we helped these people. It’s almost like you start to get attached to these people you’re helping. I guess it’s just in our nature to feel that way whether you’re here at home or in another country, your helping another human being. Sometimes we don’t realize how good we have it here because we take it all for granted. We don’t realize the things that happen in other countries and the lives they have to live or adapt to.


I watched this video earlier today of Al-Qaeda shooting police officers, soldiers, and members of the government at point blank. These terrorist groups would raid homes, gather uniforms, take weapons, confiscate pictures and then kill the person point blank or behead them. This is all happening right now as I write this to you. VBIED’s would be planted on roads and vehicles would blow up in mid-air, ambushes and other times members would get sniped. These are all the same people we trained to be able to sustain themselves in the event that something like this would occur again. We’ve left them vulnerable to these terrorist and just watching them all go down is not fixing anything. Just imagine an entire country over-run by terrorists. Imagine Iraq, Syria, Iran, Turkey and Africa overran by terrorists. What do you believe would happen if we allowed this to occur? The good thing is we’re at least sending over some weapon power for them to try and fight this war themselves but what if it lands on the wrong hands?

Let’s stir the pot a bit. Africa has the 300 girls abducted by terrorists, Iraq is being over-run by Al-Qaeda and growing, Korea threatens us all the time, China, Russia, Syria, Iran, and others. We keep insisting that it’s not our problem, it’s not our war to fight, and we should mind our own business or let these countries deal with this on their own. Trust me, I get it. Once, I had that same state of mind because I was told to go to Iraq and fight a war I did not agree about. No, the initial intent made no sense but when you add it all up, it does. We all know 9/11 was staged and still to this day there is no real record of anyone actually flying in those two planes that crashed but a list of names. There are many conspiracies out there that I will not get into but you get my point. What if 9/11 would happen all over again in every major city we live in? I mean according to the government and news media, terrorists are living right here with us already.

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So the question here is why aren’t we still in Iraq? Let’s look at a little history here. Since WWII we have fought in Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Gulf War, Somalia, Haiti, Cuba, Grenada, Lebanon, Dominican Republic, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. In all major war conflicts we have ever been in we’ve left troops on the ground to keep the peace in that country. Germany, Japan, Kuwait, Cuba, Africa, Bosnia, Panama, and a few others all have permanent bases with U.S Troops. Knowing the vulnerability of terrorists in this world, why wouldn’t we leave U.S Troops on the ground in Iraq or Afghanistan? After-all it was more likely for these terrorists to return and regroup in these countries, right?
Below is a link to the video. This video is EXTREMELY GRAPHIC! I did not embed the video because of its content and don’t believe everyone would be able to watch this horrific video. It’s definitely an eye opener and gives a taste of reality of what’s actually happening. Comments are welcomed.