Let me be a little blunt here, the workplace is not what it used to be and nor will it ever be. As my previous post had stated, “Technology has changed the workplace in depth”. With that being said, “What can we do as managers to change how our employees act and raise our productivity”?
These questions I’ve heard in so many ways, so many answers to these questions. If you haven’t studied psychology as a manager, I strongly advise it if you’re in a leadership role. There’s so many ways to go about this but will only go into depth about one, “Intrapreneur”.

Many people have never heard about this form of doing business within their organization. As you know there is “Entrepreneurship” in which a person or entity seeks a venture in business for themselves, group, small business or corporation. The difference is external and internal which is where “Intra” comes from. A person or group within a business with this type of attitude, “Intrapreneur” can create a form of uplift within that business beyond any other. Many businesses do not utilize this tactic within their organization and let me tell you, it’s a shame. If you have one of these guys or gals, keep them around!

Every organization has a structure, standards to abide by and people to manage in order to continue the productivity it desires to keep. There is nothing better within a business than to have higher productivity while remaining morally sound. More productivity means more revenue in a business and more productivity in a non-profit means more cash for operations to run. Without being morally sound, productivity slumps, employees are un-happy and take it or leave it, employees want to leave. Right?

So here you are as a manager, supervisor or even a general manager and you have an executive manager come up to you stating they have a better way to conduct business. Maybe an employee comes up with a new product line that might boom your business into the next millennium. What should you even do? These folks have been your top notch employees since they’ve began working for you and always do an outstanding job. They have business degree’s, have the knowledge and capabilities of owning their own business, young, energetic and know what trends are out there in today’s marketplace. Allowing these individuals to operate your business in a different manner might be ideal as long as their within certain boundaries.


You should encourage this type of behavior in assuming the intrapreneur challenges. Give intrapreneur’s the authority and freedom to do the job their own way. Let the individuals see their ideas through to completion without you interpreting what they should have to do. Show your support in the process by funding their operation. Have multiple intrapreneur campaigns going on at the same time to show competitiveness among each of the groups or individuals. Encourage risk taking and tolerate mistakes that they might make, trust me they will learn from them and not make them again. Encourage people from different departments and areas of interest to pool their interdisciplinary skills. Lastly, you want to allow intrapreneurial teams to have the authority to utilize your businesses resources and outside vendors if needed.

Not convinced yet?

The difference between a manager and a leader is the ability to hold ones hand and show how it is done. An employee shows a vast interest in becoming an entrepreneur through admiring higher leaders in their business venture. A “Leader” who shows one how to be a business man will become one. A “manager” who just pushes an employee through labor will eventually be pushed away for good. People will always be people no matter how you look at it. Money motivates us for a period of time until we want more and more. We’re never fully satisfied just because money is thrown at us to do more work. Job fulfillment is not in how much you pay a person but the level of responsibility you give them. Not just the level of responsibility you give them but how important it is for your business that they hold that level of responsibility. People want ownership, that sense of accomplishment and to say “I did that”. It doesn’t take rocket science to know this but yet we continue to have this problem in our workplace. We continue to be pushed for productivity but lack the basics of how to keep one there.

Would you rather have a competitor that knows your business inside out or would you rather keep an employee of value to grow yours?

Social engineering concept

I have to admit, there are many managers in the workplace that have the slightest clue what it actually takes to be a decent leader. The position title goes straight to their head, “Supervisor, Manager, General Manager, and Team Leader” etc. Titles are nothing compared to what is behind the title that matters. It’s the quality your able to provide rather than how well your able to yell, fire people, or get angry at every mistake your employees make. Productivity is huge within your entity whether a profit or non-profit organization. The value we provide our employees will shape our future of business. It’s like raising kids, what we show them now will impact what they will be like tomorrow. We are already seeing trends of this type of bad leadership from yesterday’s leaders.