iron_man_HUD_originalSo let’s face it, technology has changed tremendously even in the last five years. Since the early 80’s technology started to take a turn into the evolution we’re in today. Just remember back in the mid to late 1980’s when apple put computers in schools for children to start learning to use them. Before that, businesses had access to these computers to do their daily jobs. Technology was very limited back in those days and was only available to big corporations or government entities. Now, we live in a whole new dimension of technology and it is used in a variety of ways globally.

For the past 10 years, technology has formed the small business owner into a corporate monster. A new beginning of marketing was initiated through social media and many other grants of ventures aroused through different means. People began to get more and more creative with what they had in their hands. It was like unleashing the dragons into the public. Some didn’t know what to do with it but a newer generation of people knew exactly what to do. Figuring out how to market didn’t take very long. Before you knew it, everyone was doing it and another trend began to arise. Cell phones went from big block looking phones to very small ones and now, well, let’s just say they look like mini tablets.

As time passed by, again, people always found a way to make it work better, market more and just make more money. After-all, as we have all witnessed, even the smallest business was able to bloom into a financially sound one with the help of technology. Many used technology to seek different ventures within their industry to expand their businesses. Now, you can even create apps to showcase your business and its products or services. You’re able to have your own website and navigate through it with ease showing all you offer to consumers.

So, how has technology changed us?


Technology has changed the consumer in a broad way. If your trying to look for a particular product, it is made easy to shop and or do research on what you are about to buy. Many consumers now are able to compare products with one another. If a product or service has bad reviews, consumers will not buy it or make investments. It’s the “Good Ole Boy” way of doing business.Consumers are more aware now than ever before and businesses are on edge to make sure they provide the best. If you don’t create or provide the best, consumers will walk away and invest into your competitor’s services. Today’s business has become a massive competition among each other while consumers are having a ball.
In the workplace technology has also changed in many ways. Technology has taken a different level when it comes to the office. Newer copy machines, fax machines, digital senders, desktop computers, monitors, laptops and the list goes on. I mean take a look at the projectors we have now. You’re able to use a projector like they do in the movies now, project and swipe your information on the wall or screen instead of having someone on a computer doing it for you. Our world is converting into the “Iron Man” movie as we speak. I remember teachers using the old paper projector to project a hard copy of information to the class.

Do you remember this? Of course you do. 2740544055_962208665c

Computer programs have become top notch nowadays with new ways of creating other programs or documents. You have to be in it already to understand it but even if you don’t, it’s ok, you have the chance to go to school and learn it. The office has become more innovative in perspectives of growing their business by utilizing more complex trackers and reports. Video conferences can also be held to communicate with fellow co-workers, partners, share-holders, etc. Our business venture is now unlimited to its max potentials. Technology has made a tremendous turn in today’s market place. It’s all in how you utilize it that it will work for you.