When PTSD Took My Life

The struggles of dealing with PTSD are very real and 22 veterans commit suicide every day to this demon. This story is dedicated to SSG Jason Jackson from C co 1-22 Infantry and all soldiers past, present and future that... Continue Reading →


Yesterday I lost a friend from 1-22 Infantry Regiment 4th ID to suicide related to PTSD. SSG Jason Jackson was a well-rounded NCO, friend, father and husband. When I served with him we were going through the initial invasion into... Continue Reading →

Moral Injury

Invisible injuries inflict psychological pain that can drive sufferers to end their lives. Although many of these invisible injuries are now well-known, there is a new name for a timeless problem that has affected millions, under the radar. In recent... Continue Reading →

Happy Memorial Day

It's today that we remember all those who have given it all for us.  For many of us it's not just once a year but an everyday reminder of the legacy our brothers and sisters have left behind.  They will... Continue Reading →

Weakness Within Our Ranks

For over two decades the Military has been on a slippery slope. Many blame technology but I beg to differ. Technology has drastically escalated in the last decade, programs, phones, and the internet in general. Although it has been around... Continue Reading →

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